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Final Inspection Cleaning

Rental Approved Carpet Steam Cleaning and Pest Control are not offered as optional extra services.

When booking a bond clean with us you can expect cleaners who offer value for money. We work hard to complete all jobs .We prefer to charge by the hour per person and not a fixed quote for unlimited work. However we are happy to give a quotation and estimate as a price guide and will endeavour to complete the bond clean in time and within budget.  Any further time needed would be due to unforeseen cleaning and the general condition of the premises and do not include the ‘extra’ services  below. No work will be done once quotation price is reached before we contact the customer to confirm whether they want to spend extra for work to be completed.

Helpful tips and important things to note

– When meeting with us, take a few minutes to inspect your property and agree clearly about what you want to achieved.

– Ask your Property Manager for the “Final Exit Checklist” to show you if there are any tasks which need attention.

– Find the original Entry Report Checklist when first moving in to clarify any pre-existing problem areas with your Property Manager.

– You can see some helpful information here with on the RTA-exit-condition-report-form14a

– Please note ‘Extra Services’ these are often time consuming and will affect your estimate and final cost.


  • High dusting:- Wiping and cleaning vents, ceiling fans, spider webs, light fittings
  • Walls:- Spot cleaned of marks, wall washing, cleaning of switches/power points, fixtures, sills, frames, , door handles, and skirting boards.
  • Windows:- glass washed inside/out tracks and screens cleaned. .
  • Bathroom:- tap fittings, soap scum  build-up cleaned from recess tiles/grout/shower screen, drains, tub and basins, vanity mirror/drawers and cupboards/fittings etc. all tiles polished.
  • Kitchen:- cupboards tops, inside and out  drawers inside/out, oven fixtures and internal steel racks, cooktop and rangehood, splash back, sink, fittings and bench tops.
  • Laundry:- tub and fittings, remove lint/dust from clothes dryer Cupboards inside and outside.
  • Clean and polish furniture:-( if a furnished property), cleaning under and around where possible.
  • Floor Cleaning:- mop using appropriate product after a thorough vacuuming.
  • Balcony/outside patio area:- general sweep & mop, removal of spider webs.
  •  Garage cleaning spider webs, dust and loose debris, degrease and hose out if requested


  • Blinds or similar are time consuming have to be cleaned manually by hand.
    • Mould/Mildew Treatment is available for walls and ceilings that require complete washing with product. This is a time consuming to reach a high standard.



Bond cleaning is charged out per hour and exclude extra services listed above which are charged out separately
when required. 

Bond cleaning

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